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Where to Shop in Thao Dien for Home Decoration

Whether you are moving into a new home or touching up your interior, some changes oftentimes need to be made for it to truly feel like home. Whereas some unleash their artistic streak and redesign it from the ground up, other more minimalistic people prefer sobriety. After all, is it not a matter of preference?

While shopping for home decoration at Mega Market or Big C is for many satisfactory, scouring is for others a more authentic way to go about redecorating their cozy nest. In this short article, we have compiled a few of the many shops that just might have that touch of originality maybe you are looking for!

Sadéc District Two

63 Xuân Thủy, Thao Dien

Discreetly laid out in a flowered inner courtyard – and opposite NauNau’s complementing perfumes, candles, and natural products store – Sadec District Two is the embodiment of the “feel-at-home” concept. Everything is set up in the likes of a live catalog: eye-catching tableware rivals living room decoration items and furniture in modern charm.

When most of the products displayed originate from the many villages dispersed alongside the Mekong River, what is not to like? In short, Sadec is the merry marriage of both tradition and contemporaneity.

Linh’s Furniture

67 Xuân Thủy, Thao Dien

Set in a wonderfully luminous villa accessed through a tiled internal courtyard, Linh’s furniture offers an eclectic mix of modern-feel living room armchairs and sofas, wooden dining tables and paired sets of chairs, solid wood bookshelves and desks, upholstery beds, decorative pillows, cotton, silk and duvet blankets, ceramic indoor and outdoor pots, Buddha statues, and other assortments of paintings, lamps, and luminaires.

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Amaïa outlet

83 Xuân Thủy, Thao Dien

This here address is for the least eccentric decoration aficionados and the soberer in taste, as Amaïa’s smoothly rendered ceramic plates, bowls, cutlery, and tea sets are for the most part monochromatic – ranging from almond greens to beautifully vivid colors and simpler brighter and darker tones. Without, however, being at all monotonous in shapes, their pieces curiously evoke the polished surface of river pebbles and are sure not to go unnoticed on the dining table.


112 Xuân Thủy, Thao Dien

Quoting the owners themselves: “Decosy’s furniture products are simple yet stylish.” With as many items as there are rooms in a home – tables and chairs for the dining room, shelves and TV stands for the living room, desks for the study, and cabinets for the bathroom -, Decosy is certain to cater for, if not all, at least lots of different tastes, from the minimalists to the more adventurous decoration avant-gardists.

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Blanc’ Vietnam

42 Đường số 34, An Phú, District 2

Although primarily an e-store, Blanc’s line of products is meant to be modern and practical – targeted essentially at the new and in-tune-with-the-time working youth – yet without costing an arm and a leg. One watchword: sobriety. With over 1’000 eco-friendly wood or ceramic living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom items on sale online, Blanc’ is well worth stopping by.

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