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Renting a Villa in Saigon: Our Guide

When settling down in Ho Chi Minh City, renting an apartment is usually the option the vast majority of expatriates go for. And there are a plethora of different offers for all sorts of budgets, too: smaller units in shorter buildings or modern condos in 40ish story-tall tower blocks with an indoor gym and a shared swimming pool outside. But others choose to upgrade from the get-go.

Houses and villas for rent in HCMC

While some look for a more cosmopolitan touch by house sharing, others prefer renting a villa of their own. Several neighborhoods have emerged in the city that underline this tendency. Among which is Thao Dien, where 5 to 10-bedroom compound villas are a common sight.

What is the monthly budget like?

monthly budget for renting villa

Now, it goes without saying that the bigger the house, the higher the price. Budget-wise, and as reference only, 2’000 to 2’500 USD is what it could roughly cost. Well worth the price if having a garden and a swimming pool at the ready for weekend barbecue parties is a must-have.

Renting an independent villa in Saigon

an independent villa

Certain villas have a lot going for them: an overall rethought, more spacious design, and a noticeable modern feel to them. They are also better located and can at times come with a private night watchman.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, however, and find a villa that matches your taste and budget best, be sure to take the following points into account!

Watch out for leaks and burglars!

watch out for leaks and burglars

Although there is no shortage of real estate offers, a substantial number of houses and villas are no longer in the prime of their youth, some even showing seepage and water infiltration problems.

Keep your ears open for any noise pollution and your eyes peeled for thieves, as certain neighborhoods can be far from ideal in that regard. Break-ins are numerous in the city, unfortunately. Houses that are the most isolated, those situated right next to a construction site or whose doors and windows don’t lock on properly, are at higher risk of robberies.

Therefore, you might want to either double-check for said issues carefully when visiting an older property or look for newer options.

Compound villas in D2, Ho Chi Minh City

compound villas in d2 hcmcity

Renting a compound villa has got the added benefit of being not only more secure against burglaries but offering amenities, such as a swimming pool and a gym. The most well-known compounds are the following:

Where to look for a villa in Saigon?

where to find villas in saigon

When in need of information, turning to the internet has become second nature to a lot of people. It is no exception here either, even more so when one is on the hunt for accommodation: if you know just what to type, you are but a click away from hundreds of apartment and house listings. All that is required is enough patience and structure in your searching method. Refreshing certain pages on and, for example, is a great way to get a taste of what is available.

Hunting for a villa on Facebook

hunting for villa on facebook

Social media are yet another excellent online platform to scroll through in search of properties. There are countless groups and pages dedicated to promoting up-to-date offers in the city. That way, one can easily stay updated on the best deals.

Another invaluable aspect of social media is that you can get in touch with people directly, whether it be real estate agents or tenants themselves, and thus get all the information needed.

Chat with the tenants

Who better than the tenants themselves can give you an inside look at the property you are gathering information about? Managing to get in contact with a few of them is key to having a closer look at the pros and cons of the place.

How long does it take to find accommodation in Saigon?

how long to find a accommodation

It all depends on how clear you are about your selection criteria, in short. Knowing where and how you want your villa to be is therefore essential in saving up precious time in the process: what district do you want to live in? do you want your house furnished? do you have any special requirements for in-house amenities? does your monthly budget allow it? do you insist on being within a reasonable distance from shops, restaurants, and schools? and so on.

From there, things usually fall into place rather quickly. Agents are responsive and will set up a viewing of the property in question right away if everything goes smoothly. Have a list of a few other potential villas on hand, visit them successively until it is more than enough for you to take your pick. All in all, like everything, it is best not to rush it, but not uncommon either for some people to fall in love at first sight and be all set in the span of only a few days.

Communication issues

miscommunication with real estate agent

In Ho Chi Minh City, real estate agents are largely freelance, that is, they may not always be in the know, and thus can easily lack professionalism or even proper important details about the property they are taking you to visit.

On top of that, language and cultural barriers can too worsen the picture. Many agents are not proficient enough in English to either fully grasp foreign clients’ needs or provide them with the necessary information. This miscommunication oftentimes adds to the confusion. Suffice to say, dealing with a reputable agency that knows the ins and outs of the matter is a tremendous plus!

Rent in district 2, Saigon, with Realty Quest

At Realty Quest, not only do we focus on providing clients with the very best agents there are, but we moreover accompany you throughout the entirety of the process, preventing any possible disagreement and making sure you neither lose time nor money.

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