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Moving Into Your New Home In Hcmc: What You Need To Do

Moving to a new home does not often go without its fair share of worries! With enough upstream preparation, however, you can make it all the more comfortable. From carrying out prior administrative formalities to going over the remaining details, here are our 9 pieces of advice to help you not get caught off guard.

Before you move to Saigon, Vietnam

the type of visa

N°1. Depending on the purpose of your relocation, the type of visa you are issued may subsequently impact your stay. Foreign residents are usually on longer-term renewable working permits.

N°2. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you take out a complete insurance plan beforehand, that is, health, accident, and repatriation.

You can always consider arranging private insurance, once you are there. Needless to say, proper liability and vehicle insurance should be obtained in due course as well.

N°3. If to some a well packed-up suitcase does the trick, to others hiring a moving company is essential. Comparing competitors’ pricing policies will help prevent fares from going through the roof.

acclimatizing yourself new surrounding

We frankly advise you to only start scouring the city for an apartment after you arrive. Acclimatizing yourself to your new surroundings by staying at a hotel in the meantime is a smart first move.

N°4. Riding a motorcycle in Saigon is all fun and games, but should you want to rent or purchase one of your own, you must take the following into account beforehand:

  • An international driving permit must be held along with the corresponding domestic driving license.

The local police might refuse to acknowledge their validity, in which case your second option is to get your original license converted.

After you arrive in Saigon

apartment for rent

N°5. Apartments and houses targeted at foreigners are aplenty in Ho Chi Minh City. But as in all other metropolises, 3 key parameters need to be carefully factored in:

  • Your means of transport
  • Your commuting time

The most favored expatriates neighborhoods are Thao Dien, District 1, District 7, and as of late Districts 4 and 9. Quality serviced apartments are ideal for those opting for the city center.

N°6. Beyond its usefulness, consular registration shortly after arrival is mandatory if one wishes to be issued a renewed ID or passport, or receive emergency assistance.

As you move into your new home

While some get their belongings shipped to them from overseas, most furnish their home as they go.

lux one serviced apartment 2bedrooms thao dien

Lux One Serviced Apartment 2bedrooms In Thao Dien


N°7. Do not ever take anything at face value. After double-checking that everything is in order, make sure to write down the electricity and water meter readings on your contract.

N°8. The most overlooked part of moving in is getting your landlord to register you at the nearest police station. Other than making it impossible for you to ask for a later criminal background check, you could furthermore be at risk of having to pay a penalty.

Looking for an ideal home with the help of a real estate agent

reliable real estate agency

N°9. Whether in advance or directly on the spot, getting in touch with a reliable real estate agency is a precious time-saver. Realty Quest is more than looking forward to handling all the searching, providing you with expert advice, and helping you go through the negotiating, registering, and all the remaining formalities.

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