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Your Rights and Obligations as a Lessee in Thao Dien, HCM

Are you planning on renting your next apartment or compound villa in Saigon? Then, you had better get acquainted with your rights and obligations first!

Subletting Your Apartment In Saigon: How-to Guide

Subletting an apartment in Thao Dien is a great way to make money on the side. However, to go about doing so, you need to take a few things into account.

How to Take Care of Your Rented Villa Swimming Pool in Thao Dien?

Are you renting or wish to rent a compound villa with a private pool in Thao Dien? Here are our tips to help you go about ensuring year-long maintenance!

Pet Owners: Where in Saigon to Move In?

In Saigon, several apartment complexes already allow owners to bring their dogs along. Read our article to discover 10 pet-friendly places to move into.

Moving To Vietnam: Prepare Your Arrival In Saigon

Relocating to Vietnam and looking for a house or apartment to settle down in? Check out our insightful résumé detailing how to prepare for your journey.

Where to Shop in Thao Dien for Home Decoration

On the lookout for that one special piece of furniture or tableware to complement your new home in the city? Here are 5 of our favorite shops in Thao Dien, D2!

What Are The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods Of Saigon?

In what districts of Ho Chi Minh City to rent an apartment or luxury villa? Read our brief yet encompassing point of view of the 6 best districts to know more!

The Many Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate In Saigon, Vietnam

Whether you wish to conduct business, fulfill your retirement plans, or get off to a good start with your loved one, owning property in Saigon is within reach!

Moving Into Your New Home In Hcmc: What You Need To Do

Whether you are changing homes or settling down in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the first time, here are 9 things you should do before and after you move in.

Renting a Villa in Saigon: Our Guide

Whether you are upgrading or looking for a better, more spacious place to live, we, at Realty Quest, have got a vast villa for rent listings to show you!

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