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How to Take Care of Your Rented Villa Swimming Pool in Thao Dien?

To better preserve both overall water quality and your swimming pool basin, proper care is essential, especially in tropical-like weather. However, for it to prove effective, some overarching rules are to be followed. Filtration, cleaning products, and clean-up process: all you need to know about compound villa swimming pool maintenance in District 2 is inMore info

Pet Owners: Where in Saigon to Move In?

Ever since humanity’s old hunter-gathering days, dogs have faithfully been man’s best friend. While the West has enforced strict laws aimed at safeguarding animal rights, some parts of Asia – among which Vietnam – still struggle with combatting pet stealing and dog meat consumption. As Vietnam is walking briskly towards modernity, its people’s outlook onMore info

Moving To Vietnam: Prepare Your Arrival In Saigon

Finally taking the plunge and relocating to Vietnam is nothing short of a considerable step forward! Once you have committed yourself to it, what next? How does one go about moving to the other end of the world? Visas, work, healthcare, housing, everyday life: one overarching rule is to keep a cool head as muchMore info

Where to Shop in Thao Dien for Home Decoration

Whether you are moving into a new home or touching up your interior, some changes oftentimes need to be made for it to truly feel like home. Whereas some unleash their artistic streak and redesign it from the ground up, other more minimalistic people prefer sobriety. After all, is it not a matter of preference?More info

What Are The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods Of Saigon?

Ho Chi Minh City? Saigon? a matter still up for debate to this day! Interestingly enough, so are the city districts. Until recently comprised of a total of 24 districts, the metropolis lost two of its fastest developing ones to Thu Duc city back in 2020: districts 9 and 2. Surprisingly enough, however, the latterMore info

The Many Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate In Saigon, Vietnam

Let us cut to the chase: with its ever-increasing gross domestic product (GDP), ever-intensifying internal trade, ever-developing infrastructures, and its 17-billion dollar foreign direct investment (FDI) last year alone (despite the Covid 19 pandemic!), it is no surprise that its promising economic upsurge has already attracted, and keeps enticing foreigners into investing in Vietnam’s education,More info

Moving Into Your New Home In Hcmc: What You Need To Do

Moving to a new home does not often go without its fair share of worries! With enough upstream preparation, however, you can make it all the more comfortable. From carrying out prior administrative formalities to going over the remaining details, here are our 9 pieces of advice to help you not get caught off guard.More info

Renting a Villa in Saigon: Our Guide

When settling down in Ho Chi Minh City, renting an apartment is usually the option the vast majority of expatriates go for. And there are a plethora of different offers for all sorts of budgets, too: smaller units in shorter buildings or modern condos in 40ish story-tall tower blocks with an indoor gym and aMore info

The Best Serviced Apartments in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City

To a vast majority of expatriates, Ho Chi Minh City – given its long history, its many international restaurants, work opportunities, and vibrant street life – is considered the overall best Asian destination to settle down in. However, the quest for a long-term apartment is far from being a piece of cake! Familiarizing yourself withMore info

Live in D2 : Best Shopping Adresses

District 2 – Thao Dien more specifically – is the epicenter of the modern lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City. As living standards have gone through the roof, so have the residents’ shopping opportunities. Running errands and window shopping alike: you are in for a real treat! Supermarkets, delis, fresh bakeries, and state-of-the-art malls, youMore info

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